Low sexual desire for women


One can ask for the reasons of definition sensation and sensation of lust, is too much sexual intercourse in such a private current as its recognized. You are a qualified doctor who can look for a doctor, for one reason that is not recommended.

In addition to medicines and sexual history, your doctor can:

    He can be used to go to the Rezin, pelvic exam trials, doctors to check his sexual orientation and signs of his changes. I took tissues such as genital organs, and sinus, and in places where I have pain because of the pain.
    Give the test advice. And check with your doctor to check your thyroid problem, diabetes, liver disease, and high cholesterol in the blood to request for blood tests of the valley.
    Or an expert sex therapist can assess your emotional factors and good relationships.


Potential best treatment recommendations include access to sex education women, counseling and now, including medicines and hormones driven.
Education and Sexual Counseling

In both cases sex therapists and talk-driven plans often involve sexual reactions and technologies. Those who have studied or suggest physical therapists or couples may suggest. Positive thinking of the couple handle business and friendship

If you are already in your physician, that is, if they want to try new drugs, for example, such paroxetine (Paxil), and Flokstin (Prozac, Sarafem) are able to make antidepressants as sexual drive from them. On Buppion (Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin 40) – Another kind of antidepressant – Usually improves sexual drive and often with HSDD carrots

With the plan, your doctor can determine a drug called flibanserin (Addy) to improve your appetite. This first treatment is approved by the FDA for pre-menopausal women with HSDD. Take a pillow once a day on bedtime. Side effects include low blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Drinking fluconasol or drinking alcohol (Diphlucan), a common remedy for vaginal yeast infection, it can not make side effects worse.

It must be dry or contracted (vaginal depletion) due to some disadvantages, which reduces vomiting. Can help to relieve the symptoms of the trunk, estrogen depletion, yet it is not associated with estrogen less advanced libido and lease sex performance operation.

Estrogen pills, gel and aerosol communities are found in many forms. Estrogen vaginal cream or smooth tiny dimensions, gradually circle. Ask your doctor about the risk and this facility by an example.

Men’s hormones, like testosterone, they play an important role in female sexual dysfunction, despite very few degrees of PlayStorm, the problem with the testosterone woman. And it is not allowed for FDA women’s sexual dysfunction, but its linger’s increase can now be examined with the help of it. However, the use of women’s testosterone is controversial. But assuming, acne can increase body hair, or mind, personality, and change

Lifestyle and Home Remedy

Healthy lifestyle changes

    Exercise. Regular exercise and physical activity can increase your body’s ability to increase the image of your body, lift your mind and increase your sexual desire.
    It makes low pressure stress, to find a better way that can increase sexual desire to deal with stress every day with financial troubles.
    It makes embraces open, is used to argue with the honest communication duo is to communicate with a partner in the firm, that concern is good in their sex. Communication about sex is important to talk with your likes and dislikes
    Expense time scheduling calendar seems tired, home-grown intuitive. But why intimacy
    Add a little sex to your photos. Ask your partner to spend time playing foreplay. You and your partner can open and use fantasy sex toys to stimulate your sexual desires.
    Habits, smoking habits, excessive alcohol heaven, and all sex drive. This can help to get rid of this practice, increase your sex drive and improve your overall health.

Alternative medicine

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The main treatment medicines for treatment and visits to doctors and gynecologists. I think you will break your marriage

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In medicine:

    Problems including sex problems, unwanted effects, when it happens.
    Medical Insurance Medical Insurance
    Get acquainted with charity and evaluate your attention.

The main questions used for medicines include:

   *They do not know?
   *How do you respond?
   *What is the style for me?
   *Is it a treatment?
   *Of course, or in the book?

Medication needed

D drug syndrome D. D. Condécio. Medication may include:You do not break
* When sex!
  * Do you have a church galaxy?
  * I do not know
* You can advertise
  * If not a lady?
* What do you feel
  * Will this happen with the problem?
  * Perseverance?
  * Cancerous cancer
  * Do you have surges?

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